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1Shake Your South SideBeg. / Int.Video2
2Singles You UpIntermediateVideo1
3Lay Down and DanceBeginnerVideo1
5Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video1
6Boys 'Round HereIntermediateVideo1
8Road Less TraveledBeg. / Int.Video1
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1Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video86
2Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video81
3Headlights (aka Honky Tonk Hustle)Beg. / Int.Video80
5Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video20
6HomegrownBeg. / Int.Video19
8A Little Bit LitBeginnerVideo17
9Slapping LeatherBeginnerVideo12
10Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video11
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1Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video155
2Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video143
3Headlights (aka Honky Tonk Hustle)Beg. / Int.Video143
4Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video84
5HomegrownBeg. / Int.Video52
6Power JamBeginnerVideo52
7A Little Bit LitBeginnerVideo49
8Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo46
10Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video41
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RankTitleDifficultyVideo LinkViews
1Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video2910
2Boys 'Round HereIntermediateVideo2765
3Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2502
4Redneck AngelBeginnerVideo2300
5Aw NawIntermediateVideo2270
6Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo2235
7Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2187
8We Are TonightIntermediateVideo2103
9Electric SlideBeginnerVideo2098
10Cha Cha CalienteIntermediateVideo2082