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1Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video3
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10Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video11
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1Somethin' I'm Good AtBeginnerVideo58
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3Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video52
4Aces & EightsIntermediateVideo45
5A Little Bit LitBeginnerVideo45
6Chattanooga LucyBeginnerVideo43
7Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo39
8You Broke Up With MeBeg. / Int.Video36
9Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video35
10Fake ID Part 2IntermediateVideo35
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1Boys 'Round HereIntermediateVideo2699
2Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video2561
3Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2400
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5Aw NawIntermediateVideo2197
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8We Are TonightIntermediateVideo2026
9Cha Cha CalienteIntermediateVideo2011
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