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Ten Beginner Line Dances to Get You on the Dance Floor

Since our library of dances has grown so much over the last 3 years, I realize it can be a bit overwhelming to a beginner. The question being - Where do I start? In my opinion, the more you find yourself out on the dance floor on a given night, the more fun you will have. If you are a beginner, the key to making sure you will have plenty of opportunities to dance is to begin building your knowledgebase of line dances with a solid list of beginner dances that are sure to be called every night. So below, you will find my suggestions for "must learn" line dances. These dances are almost guaranteed to be called by the band/DJ every night. Some, like Electric Slide, Power Jam and Tush Push, can even be called 3 times in one night. Hope you find this helpful!


Ten "Must Learn" Line Dances
TitleDifficultyVideo TypeVideo LinkStepsheet (pdf)Views
Electric SlideBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet4777
Power JamBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet4375
Tush PushBeg. / Int.InstructionalVideoStepsheet4061
Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.InstructionalVideoStepsheet4907
Redneck AngelBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet4398
Good TimeBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet3372
Linda LuBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet2684
My MariaBeginnerInstructionalVideoStepsheet3470
Watermelon CrawlBeginnerDemonstrationVideoStepsheet4360