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1Watch The TempoIntermediateVideo1
2Power JamBeginnerVideo1
3Backwood BumpBeg. / IntVideo1
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1Cowboy HustleBeginnerVideo13
2Backwood BumpBeg. / IntVideo11
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4Redneck AngelBeginnerVideo10
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6Aces & EightsIntermediateVideo9
7Electric SlideBeginnerVideo8
8Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video8
9Tush PushBeg. / Int.Video8
10Ain't Too CoolBeg. / Int.Video8
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1Can't Walk AwayIntermediateVideo55
2Backwood BumpBeg. / IntVideo49
3Walk The LineBeg. / Int.Video32
4Lonely DrumBeg. / Int.Video30
5Men In Black (MIB)Beg. / Int.Video29
6Cha Cha CalienteIntermediateVideo28
7Ain't Too CoolBeg. / Int.Video28
8Aces & EightsIntermediateVideo27
9Sun DazeBeginnerVideo25
10Electric SlideBeginnerVideo25
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1Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video3622
2Boys 'Round HereIntermediateVideo3021
3Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2898
4Redneck AngelBeginnerVideo2676
5Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo2637
6Electric SlideBeginnerVideo2577
7Aw NawIntermediateVideo2548
8Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2478
9Power JamBeginnerVideo2453
10Cha Cha CalienteIntermediateVideo2358