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1Good TimeBeginnerVideo3
2Crazy Foot MamboBeg. / Int.Video3
3Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video2
4CricketsBeg. / IntVideo2
5Around the FireIntermediateVideo2
6All Jacked UpBeginnerVideo2
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1A Little Bit LitBeginnerVideo21
2This Aint TexasIntermediateVideo16
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4American KidsBeg. / Int.Video15
58 Second RideIntermediateVideo14
6Tush PushBeg. / Int.Video14
7My Kind Of NightBeg. / Int.Video14
8Electric SlideBeginnerVideo12
9Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo11
10Copperhead RoadBeginnerVideo11
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1A Little Bit LitBeginnerVideo63
2Electric SlideBeginnerVideo54
38 Second RideIntermediateVideo52
4Tush PushBeg. / Int.Video48
5Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo45
6Honky Tonk County LineBeg. / Int.Video44
7Can't Walk AwayIntermediateVideo44
8Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video43
9American KidsBeg. / Int.Video39
10Copperhead RoadBeginnerVideo36
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1Blurred LinesBeg. / Int.Video5029
2Country Girl ShakeBeg. / Int.Video4907
3Electric SlideBeginnerVideo4777
4Redneck AngelBeginnerVideo4398
5Power JamBeginnerVideo4375
6Watermelon CrawlBeginnerVideo4360
7Boys 'Round HereIntermediateVideo4334
8Can't Walk AwayIntermediateVideo4105
9Tush PushBeg. / Int.Video4060
10Cha Cha CalienteIntermediateVideo3746